K-3 Field Day

Field day will be held Thursday, May 23rd.
The first thirty minutes will be the grade level Tug-of- War tournament and 60 Meter dash, once these have been completed students will choose what individual events they would like to participate in, after they have completed at LEAST 8 stations, they may proceed to water slides. Coach will come over the bullhorn to announce when students need to return to their teacher to dry off. We will call a class at a time to receive popsicles. Special thanks to Camp Gladiator, and Orange Theory for helping out with our Field Day.

What to wear and bring:  Students will need to wear field day shirts or spirit shirts with athletic shorts. NO BATHING SUITS. Please bring a towel and an extra pair of school appropriate clothes. There will be water coolers set up in the outdoor learning area for a cool down area, please bring a water bottle. Please remind students to stay hydrated and to bring sunblock.

Parent Check in and Volunteers: All parents must check in through the front office.  We will give you a sticker and if you would like to help out with stations, please  arrive at 8:00 to help set up. We will need volunteers for events! Please come out and help! If parents would like to help out, please email Melynda Conlon, mconlon@bisdmail.net or call the office, 817-245-3400.